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Linga Linga Clutch

A simple yet elegantly designed clutch bag, made in Mozambique. Every piece is unique and vary in size and design. The clutch bags are hand made by the women at the organization Keendzunga Linga Linga. They live in the village Linga Linga, a village next to the Indian Ocean and under the Mozambican sun. 



The Jumpsuit is soft and comfortable, made in high quality organic cotton. It was designed for a body in motion and to suit women in different sizes and forms. Made with love and care in Portugal and printed with vibrant African print, this piece inspires you to shine.  



Adorned with vibrant and colorful African print, these leggings are perfect for any occasion. Take them to your yoga practice, or put them on for a night dancing under the stars. Wearing these prints you let yourself be seen, you express yourself and you shine.


Supporting you to express your truest self.

At Puka Wear we support you in  embracing your individuality, exploring your identity and expressing your truest self. We want to encourage everyone to search within and praise the person you find, expressing all that individuality to the world.

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Why a fair production is important

As a part of the clothing industry, we think it is of utter importance to take an environmental and social responsibility, which is why we always strive to disregard plastic and produce our garments in as much organic materials as possible.

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